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How To Choose A Realtor®

Choosing a Real Estate Agent in North Vancouver should be mildly complex, confusing, stressful and thought provoking (If you're doing it right). There are more than 14,000 real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver market. 

You'll most likely want to be assured that you are dealing with a top agent, and one that has not only your best interest in mind, but also connects with you on a level you feel 100% comfortable with. 

Sometimes (yes... sometimes) using your Uncles best friend who you've never met, never known to sell, and never known really much about, may not in fact be your "optimal" solution to buying or selling your largest purchase in your life. 

My first five years as a Real Estate Agent, I learned some critical decision-making criteria that I find people tend to select an agent based on. These are my 6 key TOP factors to help guide you in choosing your next Real Estate Agent. These are by no means the only factors, as there are many more that you may find important as you begin to develop the agency relationship.

#1 - Find someone that Hustles
#2 - Find someone Dedicated to the Craft (Real Estate is 100% their job/life/focus)
#3 - Knowledge in the area, or a hustler to get the knowledge and get you answers
#4 - Ask Questions about their Marketing Strategies 
#5 - Ask them what they sell, and how much "A Proven Track Record"
#6 - What's their communication style? Communication is so important

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