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Educating buyers on the process, every step of the way

It's not as easy as finding the home of your dreams and moving tomorrow. But.. We can certainly make dreams come true with my proven strategy and process. 
We start with understand the basic real estate transaction and what's involved. From there, we carefully convert you into a Real Estate Aficionado!

Initial Meet and Greet.

I need to understand your buying needs, and you probably have a list of questions you're ready to unleash on me. Let's get those answers! 

This initial stage seeks to outline expectations and overall knowledge gaps. We both uncover what we require to work together. It doesn't matter if you're ready to purchase tomorrow, or out-of-country looking to relocate next year, we setup a smooth plan that covers your needs... and there is never a rush. Speed IS NOT the name of the game!
Typically done during a 1-hour phone call or meeting (Zoom or in person).  Now is the time to ask everything you've wanted. I'll ramble on about real estate and try and keep it brief!

Soft Start

It's not uncommon to hit the ground running after our Meet & Greet and this phase can last days, weeks, months or years depending on what you are looking for in real estate. 

I'll carefully monitor the market and provide feedback and support for each listing and geographic area. You'll be energized by past experiences I share and education on what to watch for when looking for your dream home. Yes, we stay ahead of the competition in order to put you in the best position to find your dream home.
Things in this stage are fun and exciting. We are always in sync and I'm here to answer all the questions you have on local real estate. 

Final Lap

I'm here every step of the way. You've found your dream home but now you need expert guidance on negotiations, contract terms/conditions and a quick referral list of top-notch experts you can rely on to get your answers. This is where the real homework begins, and things become REAL fast!

No worries though, I've got it all covered. You'll find comfort knowing you're well taken care of. Those last-minute hiccups can be stressful, but I have more than 10 years of experience, stories, and solutions to solve some of the most complex scenarios. 
It's not over until you've got the keys in your hand, and a moving truck is loading your possessions into your new home! There is lots to do here and I'm here to serve you and make this process one to remember.

Looking for a local help in buying real estate?

Not all agents are created Equally. 

You need someone that is always in your corner, not afraid to continually fight for your best interest and serve you with unwavering energy and attention.

My unmatched enthusiasm coupled with an ability to always raise the bar in buyer communication and clarity has provided me the opportunity to work with some of the most unique properties and clients on the North Shore and surrounding Vancouver area.

You need someone that is always in your corner, not afraid to continually fight for your best interest and serve you with unwavering energy and attention to detail. Some of the more basic crucial steps get missed in Real Estate. Not with me! We'll make sure you're fully educated on every step of the purchasing process. 

You can trust that with over $250M in real estate transactions, you're in great hands. Check out some of the feedback and google reviews for confidence. Still not convinced? I'll be happy to connect with you previous clients so you can get a realtime feedback on their experience.

It starts at Community.

DEVO Youth Development Cycling

DEVO hast grown into one of Canada's premiere youth development cycling programs. It has fostered athlete development from novice riders up to national champions racing professionally. DEVO serves a fundamental role in rider education, providing a positive and fun team atmosphere for riders to develop not only bike skills and fitness, but also the mental skills and abilities to persevere through challenges, be part of a team, and realize both personal and team goals.

Brandon's Commitment

I pledge to support the DEVO program through financial contributions and support coaching roles by contributing financially through every Residential Real Estate Sale. When you work with Brandon, you help foster and encourage youth cycling.

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