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Work with me and you’ll get top-notch agency representation: you’ll be confident in all your real estate decisions and benefit from access to information not publicly available.  

702-125 West 2nd Street
(Quietest Street in LoLo)

1,100 Sq. Ft.

1 XL Bedroom 
(or 2 Bedroom)

Fully Renovated and Designed

I know our local condo towers literally inside and out. My clients get the inside scoop and Peace of Mind service from being in the know.

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Sailview   --   125 2ND ST - North Vancouver/Lower Lonsdale #1


1 Active Listing(s)

125 2ND ST Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

A Spectacular building featuring 3-suites per floor. This quiet residence is a concrete co ... read more.

Mira on the Park   --   683 VICTORIA PK - North Vancouver/Lower Lonsdale #1

Mira on the Park

2 Active Listing(s)

683 VICTORIA PK Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Aberdeen   --   88 Lonsdale Avenue - North Vancouver/Lower Lonsdale #1


0 Active Listing(s)

88 Lonsdale Avenue Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

15 West   --   150 15TH ST - North Vancouver/Central Lonsdale #1

15 West

3 Active Listing(s)

150 15TH ST Central Lonsdale, North Vancouver

eNVy   --   160 3RD ST - North Vancouver/Lower Lonsdale #1


0 Active Listing(s)

160 3RD ST Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Built in 2008 The “eNVy” was the first building constructed to full LEED certification. Th ... read more.

Addison   --   116 23rd Street W - North Vancouver/Central Lonsdale #1


0 Active Listing(s)

116 23rd Street W Central Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Alegria   --   121 15TH ST - North Vancouver/Central Lonsdale #1


0 Active Listing(s)

121 15TH ST Central Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Anchor   --   131 3rd Street E - North Vancouver/Lower Lonsdale #1


0 Active Listing(s)

131 3rd Street E Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Anderson Walk   --   119 22ND ST - North Vancouver/Central Lonsdale #1

Anderson Walk

1 Active Listing(s)

119 22ND ST Central Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Ashby House   --   114 Keith Road W - North Vancouver/Lower Lonsdale #1

Ashby House

0 Active Listing(s)

114 Keith Road W Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Ashton Place   --   125 18th Street W - North Vancouver/Central Lonsdale #1

Ashton Place

0 Active Listing(s)

125 18th Street W Central Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Atrium on Parkgate   --   1188 Parkgate Avenue - North Vancouver/Northlands #1

Atrium on Parkgate

0 Active Listing(s)

1188 Parkgate Avenue Northlands, North Vancouver

Atrium at The Pier   --   172 VICTORY SHIP WY - North Vancouver/Lower Lonsdale #1

Atrium at The Pier

3 Active Listing(s)

172 VICTORY SHIP WY Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Avondale   --   315 15th Street E - North Vancouver/Central Lonsdale #1


0 Active Listing(s)

315 15th Street E Central Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Balmoral House   --   960 LYNN VALLEY RD - North Vancouver/Lynn Valley #1

Balmoral House

0 Active Listing(s)

960 LYNN VALLEY RD Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

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Among Realtors, we’ve got order takers, and price makers. I’m a price maker fueled by accountability and non-stop hustle. I’ll be on your side, regardless of which side of selling or buying you’re on.

With in-depth local market knowledge, I am relentless in my efforts across marketing channels to help you achieve your goals. You’ll be in the driver’s seat, and I’ll navigate the twists and turns of the journey.

A group of North Shore's top specialists come together...

A group of the North Shore’s top specialists come together at The Eydt Wealth Advisory Group. (words by Eydt Weatlth Advisory Group)

Areas of expertise included tax, estate law, financing, real estate and financial planning. These events are an invaluable opportunity to workshop leading financial strategies to help clients save money and protect the...

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10 Grouse Grind Hacks (1/10)




There is no simple solution, it's not all about fitness. Every year I tell myself I'll smash my old 2007 time of 28:09... but the seasons change faster than my ability to conquer that goal. I start my 'grind season' out fairly out-of-shape and overweight...

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10 Grouse Grind hacks (2/10)


I attack the grind with a relentless goal of simply 'getting it over' and that's achieved by ensuring every step up the mountain is counted towards an UP and not a DOWN. Make Sense? you want to go up the mountain not paper-boy up,down,up,down,up,down. 

You want every stride to get you closer towards the top. Though, it may feel great...

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Be brilliant, not boring! I target prospective buyers for your property with real estate videos that are always a cut above.    

North Vancouver / Lower Lonsdale
$1,549,000 / Sold: $1,594,000
2 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
1, 176 Sq.ft.

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