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Bold Sellers Get noticed.

Let Brandon define a strategy to get your home the maximum impact it deserves. Marketing your home is no different than marketing any other Consumer Product. Together, we create the target market and develop a plan that aims to speak to that specific intended audience. Is your home an Aspirational home (such as a waterfront property or views of Grouse Mountain)? perhaps its a more conventional family-style home, and we need to showcase features of the property that promote a sense of community (kids playing in the street?).

Start thinking of your home as a Consumer Product, and ask yourself "How do we get noticed"?

Pre-Flight Checklist

In this initial phase, we will meet & greet and collectively develop a strategy for preparing your home for sale. This stage outlines all the marketing material and timelines my team requires, to bring your beautiful home to market with maximum impact! This is one of the longest phases for a home seller like yourself! We carefully craft a step-by-step plan to ensure you know what's happening each day at your property.

Remember, You're in the drive seat and I'm just your co-pilot. 

As your co-pilot I'll help you navigate the process along with my trusted professional team, we'll get you to showroom ready! From staging consultants, to expert contractors and cleaners, we'll make sure your home is ready for Impact. You'll meet many of my talented superstars along the way, and undoubtedly become an expert in the process.

Words from Brandon:
It's never too early to start planning. Getting your timeline on paper and starting to understand what home improvements may be required, is why you hire an full-scale agent like myself. More than 50% of my job happens in the Pre-Flight stage and it's where you see a lot of me :)  Let's meet today.

Launch Plan

By now you may be slightly exhausted from all that Preparation. Don't worry, at Launch you pass the heavy lifting over to me! 

Now we put plans into action and bring everything together to get your home out there for the World to see! Those first few days are mission-critical and at this point, we are talking daily to ensure you know what's happening on your home. We are Live with your listing, and things are happening quickly.

Words from Brandon:
All your hard work is now recognized. We go live and start broadcasting your beautiful home to the World! This is a carefully orchestrated process, not a mixed bag of marbles. At this stage, I obsess over the details and timing of all pieces of the plan and we are in daily talks (or the more typical thread of text messages!)

Keep it all Together

You've got yourself an offer!

Just when you think it's almost over with your Accepted Offer, you enter Phase #3 "Keep The Train on the Tracks"

Here you'll have lots of questions and I'll be making sure everyone in the process (Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Appraisers, Inspectors, and more) have everything they need to assist you with your sale. No movie reaches fame without a skillful director behind the scenes. My job is to skillful direct so that your outcome is achieved.

Words from Brandon:
After 10 years of managing more than $250 Million in real estate transactions, I've seen lots happen in this stage. From inexperience to ego (and emotion) I find it takes a skillful approach and an unwavering attention to human dynamics to fully understand and deliver contractual results between 2 parties. My basic rule: know your people and what they want. 

Marketing Impact of your Home

You may think it's a few clicks of a camera and presto! Your house is a live on MLS.
Not with our Be Bold Strategy. 

Bring it to Life

Let your buyers imagine themselves living in your home! We carefully craft your target market and showcase images that show them living their dream.

This listing package can add another day + onto the shoot schedule but the end result is dramatic. We would love to discuss the benefits of using lifestyle.

Engaging Video Content

Bring engaging content to viewers, showcasing your home to the widest audience available, while creating a sense of desire to the intended users.

My team spends, on average, 6-8 hours on site video shooting the property. We carefully review each detail of the home and shoot video WITH A PURPOSE! Our aim is to provide remarkable content that makes your house Shine!

Aerial Footage review

A home is more than the structure, it's the community around it. Let our team of licensed drone operators safely and effectively tell this part of the story.

Drone imagines and video help create the whole story about why your home is special. 

Stunning Architecture Images

Not all images are creative equally... Our team spends most of our energy on ensuring we get the right images for your property. 

Our photo selection includes DUSK and DAY photos to make sure we showcase your home in the best light.

Plan It - Marketing

Real estate listings need to be planned and delivered with careful execution. Better put... You've gotta have a plan (not just a fancy listing sign in your yard). 

We also carefully craft the content directed at your intended buyers, this provides a focused approach.

Stage It

The purchase decision is made within the first few moments of entering a home. Ensuring your home checks all the boxes from the initial visit is mission-critical.

Viewing homes online is like speed-dating! If you're home doesn't meet the initial appeal, it's skipped. Ask me about our process from design consultants to overall placement.
Floor Plan(s)

How you utilize floor plans is just as important as simply having one. We feature these embedded in your MLS listing for buyer-ease, and depending the property we may 3D design it. Ask us how we decide.

Sounds of Selling

How you create a buying experience is not all visual. There is a subtle art in creating a retail environment that is carefully orchestrated to leave you mingling longer and with more intent. Think about it next time you walk through a department store or retail environment.

Hit on All Senses

If you walk into a 1982 home and it has an older musty wooden smell, does it create a past memory for you? Mine does... Doctors office from when i was a kid. Smells trigger experiences. We work with homeowners to make sure the house smells like an experience and lifestyle that is aspirational.

It starts at Community.

DEVO Youth Development Cycling

DEVO hast grown into one of Canada's premiere youth development cycling programs. It has fostered athlete development from novice riders up to national champions racing professionally. DEVO serves a fundamental role in rider education, providing a positive and fun team atmosphere for riders to develop not only bike skills and fitness, but also the mental skills and abilities to persevere through challenges, be part of a team, and realize both personal and team goals.

Brandon's Commitment

I pledge to support the DEVO program through financial contributions and support coaching roles by contributing financially through every Residential Real Estate Sale. When you work with Brandon, you help foster and encourage youth cycling.



Curious how we are going to build your homes marketing plan? Get Behind The Scenes here and find out how our process will showcase every aspect of your home. It's not simple. It's not easy... but gosh its exciting!

Featuring talent to showcase the inner and outer landscape of the home, and surrounding area.

Lumberjack featured to show off the uniqueness of the natural landscape.


Day and Dusk shoot planned over a 8-hour window featuring lifestyle.

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Video Collection

A seller strategy for listing success, Video-it!

Let's reach your intended buyer by connecting with them on a whole new level!

We create a comprehensive lifestyle marketing campaign to reach your target market. Home selling has advanced, and you need the reach to get your buyer. Let's create a campaign that works across all web, social and email channels. Real Estate marketing has evolved, your tactics should too!

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