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Investing in a Coach House in 2020

Why is now a great time to Invest in a Coach House (or laneway house)? If you own a home, or are thinking of investing in North Vancouver real estate, then understanding the market for rental stock and how each municipality operates in terms of allowing coach houses to be built, is important. Some of my clients have cashed-in more than $6,000/monthly from unlocking both a suite and coach house investment on the same property (which served cheaper to mortgage than a condo investment).

Depending on where you are located will shape what (and if) you can build a coach house. In the video above, we dive into:
  • What a coach house is.
  • What are the benefits of a coach house.
  • How you get started on developing your lot.

If you are curious on the financial returns compared to other investments like a condo or townhouse, feel free to contact Brandon regarding specifics. Did you know in some areas of North Vancouver, you are permitted to have a suite + a coach house (allowing for an additional $5,000+ in monthly income while providing great options for families to live in.)

Find out the key areas to be looking in, and what you should know about by contacting Brandon and his team today.