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Selling Your Home: Prepare Stage

Thinking of selling your Home in North Vancouver? This is the #1 Question I get asked during my meetings with future home sellers. 

Should we Paint? 

As I've written below for a local magazine (Neighbours of Lynn Valley), I always respond with the following: You’re about to get your house prepared for Listing in the Spring. You’ve “Decluttered”, and spruced up your “Curb Appeal” but you’ve got one more thing left to do for maximum impact! Paint the old walls... or should you? You’ve enjoyed the tan brown, beige or accent walls you did when the kids were younger but now they look tired and worn. Having a neighbor or friend (or Realtor) stop by to judge your walls may be the single greatest thing you’ll do this Winter to prepare your home for the Spring Market.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, in a neutral white or light tone, can increase the visual size of your home, while provide a brighter more pleasant showcase to your prospective buyers. I’ve seen many homeowners question this approach until they experience the transformation of updated painting. We support giving the tired ceiling another coat of paint, if possible, to remove stains and overall fading too. TRY THIS: Walk around your home and look at the walls, doors, trim around the windows, ceilings and door handles. If they are like my home, they have kids handprints, dirty baseboards and fading white paint. This is where you want to focus. 

For Buyers

It’s like stepping into a show house (no matter the age) it shows them that the homeowner has taken care of the home and it’s one less step a buyer has to do when they move in. Keep in Simple – Light, Bright and White tends to be the best option in Lynn Valley. A good interior paint can run you $10,000 or more depending on size, layout and overall needs but it’s one of the single best investments you can make in your future sale. I’ve seen many many examples of this done perfectly, and the financial return has been experienced.